Smart & Sustainable Startups

Sales Accelerator Program

We encourage you to apply to our two-part acceleration program and benefit from Gerdau's ecosystem of clients, suppliers, and partners.

Apply by July 30, 2021

About the Program

Program Phase 1

Program Phase 2

(Sales Focus)

(Execution Focus)

Gerdau, a multinational steel industry leader with over 120 years of experience, is bringing its acceleration program to North America. This cost and equity-free, two-phase program supports startups in increasing revenue, exploring new countries, and potentially getting additional funding.

Successful applicants will gain targeted introductions to Gerdau’s suppliers and customers and receive intensive sales training from Alchemist Accelerator’s global network of over 30,000 entrepreneurs and mentors. The best-performing startups may also receive investment and/or opportunities to create joint ventures.

 Coaching & Mentorship

 Sales Workshop

Gerdau's Client Introductions

Customer Summit

 Investment Evaluation

Continued Mentorship

 Case Study Support

International Expansion Eval.

Global Network

What We're Looking For

We're looking for startups that are B2B focused, fully funded with a market-ready product, service, or solution, and have an active sales team and existing customer base.

Startup Focus Areas

CO2 & Carbon Capture 

Warehouse Technology

Recycling & Upcycling

Technologies that capture carbon or upcycle products for the automotive or construction industries.

Industry-specific sustainable solutions; inventory or picking optimization; loading dock optimization.

Solutions targeting metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), construction waste, and e-waste.

Smart Building 

Value Chain Integration 

Industrial proptech; add-on solutions for utility; building management; and resource optimization.

Technologies with a simple integration layer and advanced usability to process and analyze data from different companies and ERPs in the same value chain.


Phase 2

Nov 14 – Feb 28, 2022


July 12 – 30, 2021


August 10 – 25, 2021

Selection Day

September 9, 2021

Phase 1

Sep 27 - Nov 14, 2021

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Increase Sales

  • Deep dive into your sales process, receive immediate feedback and a tailor-made training and coaching program
  • Plug into Gerdau’s network of clients, suppliers, and partners, receiving introductions to new potential clients
  • Get a consumer session to gain direct feedback from the industry

Get an Investment

  • The program is cost and equity-free
  • Irrespective of funding stage, get an investment evaluation from Paris Ventures (Gerdau’s Corporate Venture)
  • Receive transparent feedback, with suggested lines of actions
  • We’ll wait for your company to be ready to open a funding round

Go International

  • Explore international potential
  • Support the construction of a business case to take your company to one of the eight countries where Gerdau is present
  • Discuss the best partnership model to expand (JV, licensing, investment, other)

Apply by July 30, 2021

Alumni Testimonials 

Cícero Rodrigues Sallaberry
Founder/CEO of Construflow

Pedro Roso
Founder/CEO of Docket

Alberto Antonio da Silva
CEO CMC Modulos Construtivos

We expected a practical program, but agile too? That was a welcomed surprise!

The program was transformative for our company and clients.

Gerdau helped us expand and consolidate our market in ways we never expected.

Pedro Guizardi
General Director of Dersalis

Antonio Fascio
Founder/CEO of Orcafascio

One of the most important aspects was the interaction with Gerdau’s partners with whom we started a very impactful new project.

Thanks to their program, our clients' experiences will only get better from here. We discussed sales, how to introduce our product and foster relationships with meaningful synergies.

Program Partners