MSCI Shipments (Canada)

Service Center Shipments:  On a three-month moving average basis (3MMA), June 2020 total carbon steel shipments averaged 13,900 tons per day, compared to 12,000 tons per day in May 2020. Overall carbon steel inventory is down 15.6% YoY.

Figure 1 shows percentage change results for shipments, daily intake, and inventory level. In all cases the percentage change references 3MMA YoY. For shipments and inventory, three columns of data are listed offering 12, 24- and 36-month changes.  

All product groups posted a decrease in daily intake YoY (3MMA).  All carbon products reported a decrease of 28.3%. Structurals (≥3 inch) 3MMA YoY intake decreased by 20.8% YoY. Bar and Shapes YoY intake fell 41.1% YoY. Carbon plates recorded a decline of 33.3% YoY. Carbon Pipe & Tube intake decreased by 50.5% YoY.

Overall inventory levels decreased in all product lines YoY. All carbon products decreased inventory by 15.6% YoY, carbon plates decreased 24.8% YoY, bar and shapes inventory was down 16.7% YoY, carbon pipe and tube was down 16.6% YoY, carbon sheet was down 12.8% YoY, and structurals (≥3 inch) declined by 12.1%.

At Gerdau we scrutinize the MSCI release every month searching for clues on the industry’s performance. It’s important to us as a significant supplier of long steel products to our service center customers. It’s equally important to keep our steel consuming consumers informed. 


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