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Your construction project has unique requirements. That's why we offer an extensive line of structural steel products, as well as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to help guide your purchasing decision. Our mill-specific EPDs are available here.

Gerdau Structural Steel: Lowest Embodied Carbon in the U.S.

In an EPD, embodied carbon is calculated as global warming potential (GWP) and expressed in carbon dioxide equivalent units (CO2eq/ton steel). Publicly available, third-party verified data shows that Gerdau's three structural mills produce beams with the lowest embodied carbon among U.S. producers.

Ranking Domestic Mill


1. Gerdau Petersburg 0.527
2. Gerdau Cartersville 0.686
3. Gerdau Midlothian 0.713
4. Competitor Mill 1 0.816
5. Competitor Mill 2 0.930
6. Competitor Mill 3 1.60


Are you looking for larger beam sizes? You’ve come to the right vendor. Gerdau offers structural steel to meet your unique project needs. 

Product Range
12" up to 210# 14” up to  257# 16” up to 100# 18” up to 211# 21” up to 201#
24” up to 207# 27” up to 129# 30” up to 148# 33” up to 169# 36” up to 256#

Download our structural steel products catalog. 



Your project requires precision in all areas. Count on Gerdau for product availability and diversity, specific piece count, and flexible delivery options to meet your project requirements.

Merchant bar_angles

Gerdau supplies joist manufacturers with a full line of angles and channels.  We provide the most complete line of merchant products available.


We carry a diverse line of H Pile, PS Flat Sheet Pile, and PZC Sheet Pile used in retaining walls, deep foundations and other applications.


We are ready to supply your rebar needs from one of our rebar producing mills located in the United States and Canada.

Experience the Gerdau Difference

Experience the Gerdau Difference

We are experts at matching the right products to your project design. By doing so, we help reduce yield loss and maximize cost containment. We strive for complete product and service satisfaction.

Products You Want

Extensive inventory of merchant and wide flange beam products, and
rollings that meet your needs.

How You Want

Exact piece count, cut-to-length services and customized quantities.

Where You Want

Flexible ordering, rapid response and shipping across North America.

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