The Gerdau we are creating

We are committed to the implementation of digital innovation initiatives, and to using technology to improve our operations and customer service.

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Our Presence

Gerdau is a major producer of long steel in the Americas, and one of the world's largest suppliers of special steel. We operate in 10 countries and employ 30,000 individuals. 


We are also one of the largest recyclers in the world. Each year, we transform millions of tons of scrap into steel that is used to shape the future. Gerdau is a publicly-traded company listed on the New York, São Paulo, and Madrid stock exchanges.


Our Principles 

Gerdau launched principles in 2019 to guide how we shape the future. 

  • Safety above all

  • Do what is right

  • Empowerment

  • Simplicity

  • Diverse and inclusive environment

  • Generate value for all

  • We are customer-centric

  • We are all leaders

  • Openness

  • Learn, unlearn, relearn



Gerdau Code of Ethics

Gerdau Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics brings together the ethical principles we use in conducting our business and in relation to our various stakeholders: suppliers, customers, competitors, shareholders, government, community and the environment. It is organized according to our VALUES, demonstrating the conduct necessary for the company to act accordingly. The Code of Ethics applies to employees at all levels of our operations.


If you need to contact the Gerdau Compliance Area, send an email to


If you have any questions or concerns about the Code of Ethics and Corporate Guidelines, click the link below.