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The Gerdau Market Update tracks and analyzes over 100 data streams that affect long steel consumption, attempting to provide the latest on market trends. Below, you will find the most recent information about Macroeconomics, Steel Econometrics, Construction and Manufacturing as it becomes available.

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Employment by Industry (U.S.): In April 2021, the total number of seasonally adjusted (SA), non-farm people employed in the U.S. was 144.3 million (M) – an increase of 266,000 (+0.2%) month on month (m/m). When compared to April 2020, total employment is up by 10.9% year on year (y/y).  Although the numbers are relatively flat for the month, we saw the greatest employment gains within the service-providing sector.
U.S. Steel Merchant Final Imports: Final merchant imports to the U.S. came in at 44,908 tons in March 2021, increasing 55% m/m.
U.S. Fabricated Beam Final Imports: Final fabricated beam imports to the U.S. came in at 48,235 tons in March 2021, up 49% m/m.
U.S. Steel Beam Final Imports: Final beam imports to the U.S. came in at 9,234 tons for March 2021, down 57% since last month.
U.S. Steel Rebar Final Imports: Final rebar imports to the U.S. came in at 141,474 tons for the month of March 2021, up 66% m/m. 
­­U.S. Steel Capacity Utilization: The total tonnage for the week ending April 24th was 1,781 million net tons, at a capacity utilization rate of 78.4%. The year-to-date tonnage output is 29,588 million net tons, at an average capacity utilization rate of 76.9%.


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