Unequal Leg Angles

​​​​​​​Unequal Leg Angles feature one leg "wider" than the other. Producing a wide range of sizes of this product, Gerdau Unequal Leg Angle sections are utilized in applications varying from weight support in structural building to large and small joists and decking, metal buildings, framework, decorative and ornamental applications, racking, and many more.

Technical Specifications +

​​​​Size Range Grades Produced ​​GGMULTI includes Grades
2x1 1/2 ​GGMULTI​​​ ASTM A36
8x6 ​ASTM A131-A ASTM A529-50
ASTM A131-AH36 AS​​TM A572-50
ASTM A36 ASTM A709-36
ASTM A529-50 ASTM A709-50
ASTM A529-55 AASHTO M270-36
ASTM A572-50 AASHTO M270-50
ASTM A588 CSA 40.20/40.21 44W
ASTM A709-36 CSA 40.20/40.21 50W
ASTM A709-50
AASHTO M270-36
AASHTO M270-50
CSA 40.20/40.21 44W
CSA 40.20/40.21 50W
CSA 40.20/40.21 55W​

GGMULTI is a multi-grade available on stand​ard lengths.​​​ ​​Typical lengths are 20, 30, 40 and 60 foot, but custom lengths are available.​ Standard thicknesses for Angles and Flats are 1/4" - 1".  Additional thicknesses may be available upon request. Various Merchant Quality Carbon Steel Grades (ASTM A29 M-Grades) are available.​ Charpy testing is available upon request.​​​​

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